On this page are reports commissioned by Kings Heath Transition :

Creating a long term Carbon Reduction Plan in Kings Heath (March 2011). Richard Davies from Marches Energy Agency  was  commissioned with support from the Energy Savings Trust and was discussed at the Kitchen Garden Cafe on 10th May 2011. There are many interesting observations and ideas in this report. Kings Heath is potentially  a solar energy generation marvel as so many of the roofs are facing South because of streets running at right angles to the North South Alcester Rd/High St. The report highlights huge potential in some of the community buildings in particular. The development of ideas for energy co-op came from the discussion at this meeting.

Eco-Centre Feasibility Report (March 2011). Phil Beardmore provided us with a detailed report on the feasibility and public support for an eco-centre in Kings Heath. We are grateful to Be Birmingham for paying for this report. Follow the links to a short  summary and slides . The report was discussed at an open meeting in Thyme Out in 2011. There was considerable public support for the idea of an eco-centre but we couldn’t see an immediate way of getting the resources to establish an eco-centre. However, we are following the report’s suggestions that we can achieve the aims we wanted in this proposal by:-

  • establishing a  number of projects to offer energy advice, support people growing their own food, support people developing skills and knowledge (eg in cycle maintenance)
  • linking up with demonstrations of low carbon homes and buildings
  • working with other groups in partnership on energy generation, developing green businesses, helping local businesses become more resilient etc
  • developing action plans and business plans on a wider level to achieve our aim

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