Community Orchard

This project is part of Highbury Community Partnerships, which we also support. To keep up to date it’s best to follow this link to their blog. To see all postings related to the Orchard click on “orchard” under categories.

The Highbury Community Orchard work group is clearing and restoring an area of Highbury Park. A  group of volunteers come together  on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 2pm onwards to prepare the ground and  grow fruit  and  vegetables here. Anyone is welcome to join the work party for any session. Just come to the farm/orchard in Highbury Park. Wear gloves, wellies/boots etc and bring hand tools (fork, spade etc) if you can. The lead person for the project is Liz, who can be contacted on


Directions:- Starting at the High St entrance, follow the main path as far as the brick wall. Turn right here and follow this path as far as the main bend to the left. You will find the orchard space on the right hand side. Some notices and signs also indicate the location.

Background information :- “This scheme is taking cuttings from antique fruit trees, grafting them, and making places to plant and tend them. The original trees were planted in the Chamberlain era as part of the Highbury kitchen garden. They’ve been protected by the Four Seasons project, and will gain longevity through new generations of the same stock. An orchard site is being prepared by volunteers and cuttings have been grafted and potted, but there’s more clearing and more grafting to be done. “

Here is the link to Highbury Community Partnerships blog home page

You might also find it interesting to look at the Highbury Friends site

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