Energy Saving Project

We have been successful in getting support from the Energy Savings Trust for a project to reduce the carbon footprint of our area under their Green Communities scheme. To join this project now you can register with us straight away on this link …..

The project includes :-

  • reduced costs for loft and cavity wall installation
  • online carbon footprint assessment
  • energy monitoring gadgets on loan (after a month you will be aware of exactly what is burning away your electricity). These are now available FREE to borrow from Kings Heath Library.
  • free powerdown gadgets (turn your TV power off completely)
  • newsletter to go to all houses in Kings Heath (we are thinking of the general area, ignoring ward boundaries)
  • advice and support on energy related issues
  • help in developing a carbon reduction plan for Kings Heath

Aims – To support our community to become as low carbon as possible.


We have created an online community for the Kings Heath to use the Energy Savings Trust’s carbon footprint tool and everyone is invited to join. It will give individuals a calculation of carbon footprint, advice on how to reduce it and with the prospect of reducing energy use and saving money on enenergy bills.

Resources – As well as the carbon footprint tool, we have access to Energy Saving Trust services for training and information, their help in developing an action plan for reducing carbon emissions in the community and support in implementing an area based energy efficiency or renewable energy project. There’s no automatic funding but EST can sign post us to appropriate sources.

Contacts – Claire Prosser and Margaret Healey Pollett via

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