Eco Centre Mission Statement and Objectives


(We have received a grant from Be Birmignham for a consultation and feasibility study. To comment on this page and please  email )

Working towards ending reliance on fossil fuels in Kings Heath by running a community building that will be:

  • An exemplar building
  • A source of advice and information
  • A centre for community action
  • An enabler of individual change
  • An incubator of green business
An Exemplar Building
Renovation of an existing property typical of the area
Low energy consumption
Well insulated
Demonstration area, (internal and external)
Energy generated on site. eg. Solar, ground source heat pump, wind,air
Triple glazing
Passive solar gain
Grey water re use
Rainwater harvesting
Compost toilet
Compost bin
Waste minimisation
Source of Advice and Information
Approved advisers available for ‘drop in’ callers
Access to qualified assessors and advisers
Bank of useful websites
Access to internet for relevant sites
Posters and charts (info)
Directory of local ‘green’ trades people
Informative window displays
Advice line (phone)
Centre for Commmunity Action
Info about green community groups
Rooms available for green Community Action Groups (eg Grofun, TKH, Open Stations)
Resources, including rooms available for training (eg. Gardening, bike maintenance, crafts
recycling projects)
Enabler of Individual Change
Use of garden for training and awareness raising of garden potential
Sales of green goods and technology
One to one advice and support on ‘going green’
Incubator of Green Business
Opportunities to volunteer
Provide space for green businesses to start up and operate (eg. Cafe, selling seaonal meals)
Directory of green traders
Advisory service for people looking to set up green business

Comments on these plans would be very welcome to

6 Responses to Eco Centre Mission Statement and Objectives

  1. Martin Mutemwa says:

    This is a brilliant idea and would like to support it as much as possible. I love the idea because it will demonstrate and impart knowledge that will encourage another view of utilising our scarce resources in the future.

    • philbeardmore says:

      Thanks very much for your comments, Martin. We will post updates on the EcoCentre on this blog. Also if you use Facebook or Twitter you can follow us or make friends there.

  2. Jo F says:

    I think this sounds a great idea. I live in a typical Edwardian terrace in Kings Heath and it would be great to see a property like this sympathetically renovated and become more Eco friendly, whilst keeping it’s character. I also really like the idea of it being a source of impartial information, and a cafe selling local seasonal produce would be great. Good luck with your plans.

  3. John W says:

    I do very much like this idea but I think it might help (help KHTI, help potential funders, help potential users) if you could explain clearly how this project would be different from, and indeed if appropriate how it might work together with, organisations like Northfield Eco Centre. I hope there is room for both. There certainly is a need for more progress in this field.

  4. Tom says:

    Many thanks John, a point well made.
    The Report on the consultation and feasibilty study is now available on the website and an event is taking place on 1 March to discuss the report. To apply for a place and to download the report follow the link to “Eco Centre Report” on website.

  5. Did this Eco Centre happen? For those who would like an eco home, Transitioners are welcome to come to meet local members of the Sustainable Building Association (AECB). Let me know if you would like to be added to the mailing list of the AECB Local Group in your area. Or we could organise a joint event. Debbie Mauger, AECB Local Groups Coordinator

    For those interested in finding out about eco homes, see this blog on the Sustainable Building Association (AECB) to find out how to get invited to Local Group events. AECBers are often geeks but are a friendly lot who are willing to share a wealth of expertise.

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