Eco Centre Proposal

We have set up a task group which is  planning for an eco centre in the area. If you would like to join the eco centre task group or take part in the consultation about this proposal (supported by a grant from Be Birmingham)  please email

The final report on community consultation and an investigation into the feasibility of establishing an eco centre is now available – click here

Our basic  proposal so far is that the eco centre will be :-

  • A building demonstrating energy saving and much more
  • A source of advice and information
  • A centre for community action (eg rooms, resources, information)
  • A support to indviduals in becoming more sustainable
  • A support to green business and volunteering

For more detail see Mission Statement and Objectives

Minutes of the task group are available here.

1 Response to Eco Centre Proposal

  1. Diana Edwards says:

    Recently we were keen to explore the feasabilty for us of solar pannelling. It has taken ages to assimilate information and even then we were not told of options involving the energy supplier fitting and owning the panels and we remain confused.

    An eco centre that in the main gave advice re day to day usage in a breadth of areas would be invaluable to many.

    Some, however, in the current climate may find just keeping the basics going hard work, so money saving as well as eco friendly would be essential.

    Hope all comments welcome as the above is not very encompassing!

    Best wishes Di Edwards

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