This about tackling climate change and peak oil while you shop! We are inviting  local businesses to identify investments they would like to make in saving energy. We will then publish these commitments on a website and in other publications free. Businesses put aside a proportion of the income from new customers towards the agreed goal. This is confirmed by giving the new customer a 9carrots voucher.  Already a number of businesses have agreed their first goals and we will be publicising these very soon.


To engage local shops in Transition by offering the “carrot” of free promotion and additional customers in return for making energy-efficiency improvements to their business.


We have begun to implement the scheme in Kings Heath by talking to local businesses.

Outcomes so far

We have approached several businesses on the High Street and have already signed up 4, with others expressing an interest.  We are planning to sign up a couple more before starting to promote the businesses locally.


Several KHTI members  have approached businesses.  9carrots has provided training, blank contracts and a web site and will provide flyers, posters, receipt books (for tracking purchases) and support.

Contacts – Jonathan Melhuish – jonathan@9carrots.org

For more information, see the  9carrots website

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