Life After Oil

Tues 8th Feb “LIFE AFTER OIL” – A very special event at Kitchen Garden Cafe. THIS IS NOT ONE TO MISS.

Professor Rex Harris gave a  fascinating talk, presenting  information and perspectives about some alternative energy sources,   their possibilities and their limits.  This was placed clearly within the context of declining energy resources and the need for a fully sustainable alternative Simulataneously a demonstration was taking place of hydrogen being extracted from water using solar energy. The future prospect for hydrogen as a  renewable energy source was  explored – as a means of  storing energy, asa back up to wind and solar etc and in particular as a fuel source on the waterways. Information was given about the hydrogen narrowboat and the Protium project.

Professor Rex is an expert, amongst other things, on hydrogen and its potential uses.

Rex and his team at Birmingham University made history when they developed the first emissions free  hydrogen powered canal boat. Click here to see information and a video  about the launch of the Ross Barlow in 2007. Still afloat in 2010 you might like to watch some soothing canal footage with Rex at the helm on the way to Chester – click here.

And just in case anyone might  think academics  never get their hands dirty, guess who is  treasurer of the Moor Green Lanes Allotment Society?

We are also very fortunate in Rex agreeing to be a patron for Kings Heath Transition.

Event took place at the Kitchen Garden Cafe, York Rd.

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