Film Cafe

The film cafe will happen 3 or 4 times a year as part of a wider series of Transition Cafe events. These take place at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in York Rd on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

When we show  films they are on a variety of environmental subjects followed by discussion.  Admission is  £5.  Bookings via Kitchen Garden Cafe 0121 443 4725 or pay at door.  Soup, snacks, cakes and drinks are on sale from 6.30pm. Email or

The film cafe has been a huge success for Kings Heath Transition. It’s where most of our  members  first declared an interest in being on our mailing list. Not simply a venue  to watch films, but an event in a great local  setting where we can have lively discussions, catch up on news and socialise.  We are interested to hear from  people who might be willing to help organise film  and transition cafe events (please email The film cafe will continue as part of Transition Cafe – our aim is to to have something interesting every month, maybe a speaker on  a relevant topic, or a film or a social event.

The Kitchen Garden Cafe also deserve recognition, especially as they give us preferential rates for  using  the premises because of their commitment to our community.

We are always   discussing what to show in futre Film Cafe events. If you have any ideas please email

On 12 April we showed “Dirty Oil”

“Deep behind the scenes into the strip-mined world of Alberta, Canada, where the vast and toxic  Tar Sands deposit supplies the USA with the majority of its oil.  Through the eyes of scientists, “big oil” officials, politicians, doctors, environmentalists and aboriginal citizens directly impacted by the largest industrial project on the planet today, the filmmakers journey to both sides of the border to see hte emotional and irreversible toil this “black gold rush” fuelled by USA’s addiction to oil is taking on our planet.”

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