Previous Events

  • Tues 8th Feb “LIFE AFTER OIL”. Professor Rex Harris gave a talk, presenting an expert perspective on technological options for a post-oil world, their possibilities and their limits. The potential of hydrogen in particular was explored and a demonstration showed hydrogen being extracted from water using  light sources. This was be followed by questions and discussion.  Prof Rex gave information also about Birmingham University’s pioneering hydrogen canal boat.  Venue – Kitchen Garden Cafe.
  • On Tuesday 11th  January at 7.30 Film Cafe showed “Detroit: Rising from the Ashes”. This is based on the changes that created problems in Detroit due to the collapse of the car industry and crises in capitalism. Now, new communities are coming to the fore and the city is moving forward in a new way, with people growing their own food in 1,300 urban gardens. As usual we will have a discussion after the film.
  • WINTER CELEBRATION on  Tues 14th  December. We addressed the question “What can Transition do to help Kings Heath become a more resilient community” in an Open Space session. This has produced a lot of ideas which we will circulate soon.  MUSIC from the Kings of Spain, Mike Smith, Ian  and Oz.
  • Our Film Cafe in November was “The Power Of Community”. The film shows how the Cuban people responded to their peak oil crisis after oil supply sources suddenly disappeared. It shows how the community became engaged in many differest and challenging activities to ensure  food, transport and other needs were met on a more sustainable basis.  Their methods of agriculture and transport changed radically and the Cuban people  came together very strongly as a community.The film lasted less than an hour so we had an opportunity for some socialising, and then had a discussion about the film; our involvement in transition and we considered the implications  for us in Kings Heath, should sources of oil disappear. This gave rise to a number of suggestions for Transition projects such as garden sharing, skill sharing, green jobs and green local products.

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