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Follow us on twitter @KHTransition

Join our Facebook group: Kings Heath Transition Initiative

Postal Address :- Kings Heath Transition Initiative, 73 All Saints Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7LN

Telephone:  07010 065548 (50p/min)

Kings Heath Transition Core Group consists of  Angela Cooper, Anne Britton-Munoz, Celia Wallis,  Claire Prosser, Jonathon Melhuish, Liz Peake (chair), Margaret Healey-Pollett (treasurer), Oz Philip Osmond, Shabdam Bailley-Bond, Sue Smith and Tom Tierney (secretary).

1 Response to Contact us

  1. amy says:

    Hi Kings Heath Transition, saw your message on twitter and would like to talk about doing something in My Kings Heath magazine. Who should I talk to? Thanks, Amy 0121 689 0432

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