Our first AGM took place  on Monday 25th October 2010. What did we do? Well, we ……

  • learnt a process for signalling to help consensus decision making. Many thanks Jonathon
  • formally agreed a constitution in quick time
  • discussed projects we’re involved in
    • planter maintenance – well established, new volunteers came forward
    • eco centre planning and consultation. Phil Beardsmore was introduced as the person leading the public consultation starting now
    • film cafe – going strong, ideas/suggestions for films wanted please
    • restoration of film orchard/urban farm in Highbury Park with the Friends of Highbury. Work groups ongoing, much to do, volunteers needed.
    • Coppicing in Highbury Park also ongoing (wednesdays at 11 am)
    • energy saving project. Rose from Energy Savings Trust was at the meeting. Project developing steadily though some reshaping necessary following cutbacks
    • photo-logo competition. Details are on this website.
  • heard Liz’ report as chair – our starting point, growth and values. Lord Hunt and Alys Fowler have agreed to support us as patrons.
  • agreed the treasurer’s report and accounts
    • appointed people to scrutinise the accounts
    • healthy small balance due mainly to income from planters
    • grant to come  from Be Birmingham (around 5k) for eco-centre consultation and feasibility study
    • grant to come rom Grassroots (around 2.5k) for setting up and renting  office space.
  • elected officers
    • Chair             Liz Peak
    • Treasurer     Margaret Pollett
    • Secretary     Tom Tierney
  • elected  core group members
    • Anne, Celia, Claire, Jonathon, Oz, Shabdam, Sue
  • got to know each other better through some fun exercises
  • collected a great store of ideas and suggestions for the future through group exercises. More to follow later.
  • heard  wonderful music from Oz, Ian and Liz

Background papers and information :-

For further information, comments or suggestions  please email us at

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