About us

Kings Heath Transition is a community group based in South Birmingham (UK), aiming to help build a more sustainable and resilient community  in and around Kings Heath. We follow the aims of Transition Towns in facing up to the twin challenges of  climate change and “peak oil”. Whilst issues around climate change are well-known, people may be less familiar with concerns about peak oil, so a bit more explanation follows.

The core concern around peak oil is that we are a society which is absolutely dependent on oil (for fuel, plastics etc), yet oil is expected to run out in the next 30 or 40 years, whilst we are consuming greater quantities daily at a global level and the pressure for oil resources is a constant factor in international conflicts. Our starting point is that we can build resilience within our own community against the crises that lie ahead and that it is possible to construct a future for ourselves in which we learn to live without depending on oil. The good news is that we can see a future for ourselves based on resources coming together around our local community which offers to  be interesting, creative, fun  and satisfying.

We are part of  Transition Towns, a network of projects working in their own communities in creative ways.  To find out more about Transition  it’s worth exploring  the Transition Network website .

If you would like to be on our mailing list please send an email to transitionkh@gmail.com

You can also follow us on twitter   @KHTransition  and  find us on facebook  by searching for Kings Heath Transition.

We want members to be involved fully as much as they wish. Day to day organisation is done through a Core Group which meets monthly to co-ordinate projects and  plan activities. If you would like to come to a Core Group meeting or  have an idea or point  you want us to consider please contact us to arrange this. Core Group meetings are open and the minutes will be on this website shortly.  Our core group members are Angela, Anne, Celia, Claire, Jonathon, Liz (chair), Margaret (treasurer), Oz, Sue, Tom (secretary).

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