Could you host a low-carbon pioneer?

Dear friends,

I’ve been involved with an excellent EU professional development programme called "Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice" for several years now. It’s an opportunity for people who are working on tackling climate change to come together, share knowledge and get experience of working in another climate-related organisation in the West Midlands.

This year, the programme has expanded and we’ll soon have 7 participants arriving from Ireland and London. Of course, they’ll need somewhere to stay – and where better than with somebody on their wavelength, like you?

Even better: instead of the money going to a faceless hotel chain, we can use it to fund local ‘transition’ projects such as urban farming and aquaponics.

If you have a spare room and could potentially participate, please fill in this short form as soon as possible, and I’ll get in touch straight away.

(Please note that I personally take full responsibility for this initiative, not Climate-KIC or Transition Kings Heath)


Jonathan Melhuish
–Kings Heath Transition – community resilience, facing up to peak oil and climate change:

Twitter : @KHTransition
Facebook : Kings Heath Transition

Postal Address : 73 All Saints Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7LN
Telephone : 07010 065548 (50p/min)

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