Funded opportunities to tackle climate change

Want to work on exciting projects to transition to a sustainable society? Well here’s two excellent opportunities for Birmingham residents to get excellent experience, training.. and some dosh.

#1 – Climate KIC Pioneers into Practice (deadline soon)

Are you already working on something sustainable or low-carbon, in any field? This EU-funded programme gives you an opportunity to work on something low-carbon for a month in a different work environment.. and then work a month in another EU country too. Even better, the placements are arranged for you, you get high-quality training in Transition Management (running sustainability ‘experiments’) and up to €8000 to cover your time and expenses.

I know that sounds a bit too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not a scam! I participated in the programme a couple of years ago and found it an incredibly valuable experience. The only catch is that the application deadline is this Friday (21st)! Though I reckon if you give them a call, you could get a few days extra if you need it. (also if you’d like a skilled professional work for free on a low-carbon project in your organisation for a month, you can apply to host a placement)

Get more information and apply online

#2: FutureShift
This one’s open to absolutely everyone who’d like to create positive change – you don’t even need a specific project in mind. It all kicks off with the FutureShift Festival on 24th April, then 10 weeks of field visits, talks and dinners, then 10 weeks of venture development – all for free, and all in evenings and weekends so there’s no need to give up your day job. The top 15 ventures will then each receive up to £30,000 of funding to get your project started.

Come to an introductory event at the mac next Wednesday (26th) and register your interest in participating.


Jonathan Melhuish
Sustainability Marketing

–Kings Heath Transition – community resilience, facing up to peak oil and climate change:

Twitter : @KHTransition
Facebook : Kings Heath Transition

Postal Address : 73 All Saints Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7LN
Telephone : 07010 065548 (50p/min)

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