GREEN DRINKS & The Food Council

From: Malcolm Currie [mailto:info]
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 6:11 PM
To: Malcolm Currie
Subject: GREEN DRINKS & The Food Council

"Believing that we can feed a city from within it’s region is a dangerous delusion."

"A city’s food security depends on an understanding of global food markets".

Our next Green Drinks session is on
from 6.00p.m. with guest & topic introduced at about 7.00p.m.

If you are not familiar with the format please visit
and check out the "West Midlands Birmingham" page.

Our guest is KATE COOPER,founder of The New Optimists and member of the Birmingham Food Council. The topic for discussion is The Food Council, its membership and its function.

FOOD is now on the political agenda in Birmingham. The model being adopted and adapted for the Council is one which has been used to establish Food Councils in a number of cities around the world.

Kate Cooper is a person well known for straight talking; unafraid of holding and promoting at times controversial views; and asking that we make decisions based on evidence and research (and maybe also curiosity?) rather than solely on belief or emotion.

See the website for details but it would help to know if you are coming on 8 October.

A meal is not compulsory!

Any queries, please email me.

Malcolm Currie
Globally Local

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