Climate change placements in West Mids + across EU (€8000 funding)

Fellow Transition pioneers,

Last year I participated in the “Climate KIC Pioneers into Practice” programme, which gave me the opportunity to:

  • volunteer for a local West Midlands NGO for a month
  • do an overseas placement for a small company for a month in Budapest (one of the six EU partner regions)
  • study “Transition Management”, which provides useful techniques for running grassroots sustainability projects
  • attend an Innovation Festival, where I met all the participants in the scheme, from across the EU

Even better, all travel, accommodation and your normal salary is funded, up to a maximum of €8000.

I really enjoyed the programme and found it very useful, both the academic element and experiencing different professional environments and ways of working. It has given me insight that I’m now applying to the projects I’m involved with, and has boosted my network of friends and peers across Europe. It’s really motivating to feel connected with others in different places who are working on solving the same challenge.

If you’re interested in applying this year, download the Pioneers information letter and application form or email Kate Martin – the deadline is end of March, but I think it’s best to get it in as soon as you can, to maximise the chances of a good match with a suitable placement. Feel free to mention my name when you apply, and I’m also happy to candidly answer any questions about my experience of the programme, just email me.


Jonathan Melhuish

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