Transition AGM and other local news

Dear friends in Transition,
Here is a handful of important dates and or information. We hope you will find them helpful! Sorry about the change in font halfway through. Consider it part of your aesthetic enjoyment.

Our AGM is on Thursday November 15th at Kitchen Garden Cafe upstairs room from 7.30. Come and find out what has been happening over the past year and contribute towards the plans for next year. Everybody welcome. For people with fresh energy and a wish to get actively involved in sustainability projects, this is a date not to be missed! (There is an opportunity to gather downstairs for a light meal from 6.30 on. We will label the table so you can see where we are!)

HIGHBURY CONSULTATION (message from Highbury Orchard Community)
There is a public meeting on 26th November at Queensbridge School, Queensbridge Road 7.30 – 9.30. This is your opportunity to find out more about the future for the Highbury estate and contribute your views!

Please send any comments straight through to highburyconsultation. We’d be glad to be copied in at hoccic, as your comments will contribute towards our presentation as key stakeholders, on the evening.
Our information site is and it will get up-dated as time goes on. It contains the main documents, various commentaries, the agenda for the meeting, and anything we can think of that could be helpful!


At 1.00 pm on Sunday 11th November a volunteer work party will be putting in topsoil and beginning planting the small circular bed in the Village Square and a few more volunteers would be an enormous help. Using log-roll and a tonne of top-soil we will raise the level of the bed. The planting list includes cowslips, primroses, sweet woodruff, tete a tetes, and woodland cyclamens. If you are willing and able to help please could you bring a shovel (possibly a wheel barrow) and a trowel. It would be helpful to know who’s coming. [Replies to this email will get through to the right people! – Liz] Hope to see you there. Oz.

Birmingham Development Plan 2031
This will be available for you to view and comment between the following dates:05/11/12 12:00 and 14/01/13 17:00.
Please select the following link to view this event:

Just to keep you up to date with this issue. As KHRF chair I have had a meeting with Kate Smart(Town Centre Manager)and am trying to get invited, as KHRF representative, to various BID meetings to liaise in matters concerning our Road Safety Campaign and their(BCC + BID)decluttering and changes to the High Street. I think the changes being considered are in the light of the BCC internal "Atkins" report which some of you may have seen. All in the cause of joined up thinking and co-operative and informed planning. If you have views please feel free to address them to me. I will continue to keep you informed as things progress. Jon can be reached on info

Thanks for reading all the way down to the end!
–Kings Heath Transition – community resilience, facing up to peak oil and climate change:

Twitter : @KHTransition
Facebook : Kings Heath Transition

Postal Address : 73 All Saints Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7LN
Telephone : 07010 065548 (50p/min)

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