Fancy being a TV star?

We’ve recently been contacted by both the BBC and Channel 4, looking for participants in future TV programmes. While neither is specifically Transition-related, both represent an amazing opportunity to get Transition topics discussed on national TV!

Here’s the message from Liz Hazell – please contact her directly:

"I am a producer working for Two Four, a television production company based in London. We make a whole range of programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and other terrestrial channels. We recently won a BAFTA for our one of our most recent observational documentary series called Educating Essex, a moving and insightful portrait of a Secondary Comprehensive School.

Off the back of that success we have been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce another landmark series aboutwhat life is like for British families in this iconic year of 2012. We want the series to be essentially celebratory, capturing the true British spirit as families live day-to-day in their homes overcoming challenges, celebrating momentous occasions together etc. The series will explore what families share in common and what sets them apart, but will fundamentally be observational featuring a diverse range of people. It would be filmed in the same way and share the same values as award winning shows such as Educating Essex, The Family, One Born Every Minute and 24hours A&E, using small fixed cameras that are operated remotely, which allow you be unobtrusive on peoples’ lives.

We are looking for warm, engaging and outgoing families in the Birmingham area who might be interested in taking part, who live in the city but are from different backgrounds truly representing a diverse Britain. We are looking for a family with at least 4 people living in the home- other than that, absolutely anything and everyone goes! Ultimately, we want this to be a definitive series about Britain today – celebrating the resourcefulness, strength and humour of our families.

At this stage in our research, we’re simply keen to chat to as many families as possible. Any conversations will be informal and confidential and do not commit you to taking part in any way.
If you would like to find out more, you can drop us a line, either by phone (0207 438 1986), email (liz.hazell) or text (07553 816 385) and one of the team will get back to you."

Meanwhile, the BBC are looking for group projects transforming outdoor spaces:

"If you are interested in transforming an outside space that has been neglected, abandoned or is simply unloved, you just might be an ideal subject for a new television series. The BBC are looking for members of community projects, residents’ associations, charities or local organisations, who are keen to change their outside space for the better, and be filmed doing it."

In this case they’re looking for a group effort, so please email me if you’re interested. If several of us would like to do this, we can make contact as a group.


PS: if you’d rather just watch, try the Transition YouTube channel.

Kings Heath Transition – community resilience, facing up to peak oil and climate change:

Twitter : @KHTransition
Facebook : Kings Heath Transition

Postal Address : 73 All Saints Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7LN
Telephone : 07010 065548 (50p/min)

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