Incredible Edible – let’s get together and grow for it


Thanks to everybody who came along to the Incredible Edible Kings Heath meeting last week – apologies again that it was a bit of a squeeze to get in. It seems there’s a lot of interest in growing food locally!

During the event, working groups formed around these topics:

  1. how can we grow things together – community gardens and clubs (e.g. GROFUN)?
  2. what resources can we think of that could support future growing projects?
  3. how can we work with schools?
  4. how can we experiment with aquaponics and other permaculture approaches?

Are you interested in any of those topics? More information and links are in the attached PDF document.

Please reply to this email to let me know which of the working groups you’d like to get involved with, so I can make sure you’re included in the emails.


Jonathan (secretary)
PS: sorry for the terrible pun. I couldn’t resist.

Kings Heath Transition – community resilience, facing up to peak oil and climate change
Twitter : @KHTransition

Facebook : Kings Heath Transition
Postal Address : 73 All Saints Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7LN

EDIBLE KINGS HEATH, proceedings from the Transition Cafe2, 15 03 12 – 3.pdf

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